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Play for all, connect through footy!

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Ages 13+ | M/F/Mixed | Tackle-free, Modified Play

Whether you’re new to footy or a few years in, AFL Nines is for you! It's fast, fun, and is played throughout the year.


With no tackling or bumping, anyone aged 13+ can feel welcome on the field, which is smaller than a regulation field to accommodate smaller teams (nine players per side). Simply register as a team for the grade that suits your group (Youth, Senior, Masters). Schedule flexibility and less demands physically makes AFL Nines ideal for those keen to play team sport without any pressure.

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One-handed touch, instead of tackling, takes the pressure out of footy. It's 9-a-side with smaller playing fields and a maximum of 10 games per season. AFL Nines gives greater flexibility and is less physically demanding for all players.

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AFL Superkick is for anyone 8-12 wanting to get a feel for footy without the pressure. Try out Superkick and level up your footy with training and games all in the one session!

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AFL Nines is a modified version of AFL. That means - tackle free, highly social, shorter seasons and no coaches or training required! It’s a great way for those with zero or limited experience to get introduced to AFL and also for those current or past players who want to keep fit and play some footy with mates.

Competitions continue to pop up in suburbs around Australia! Head to the Map Finder to find your local club or competition!

Youth, Senior and Masters competitions run at different times in different places throughout the year. For competition dates and times in your local area, head to the Map Finder.

It’s really easy! Just head to the Map Finder section, find a competition near you and complete the simple registration to get your team involved.

Either! We understand it isn’t always easy to find enough mates to enter a team. Head to your preferred competition and get in touch with the competition manager listed in the contacts section on the registration form and they will do their best to place you in a team or form a new one with other individual players.

The cost varies slightly across the competitions. It usually works out to be between $8 to $12 per person, per match, depending on how many players you have. Find a program here to register your team now!

There are typically 9 players on the field per team, with unlimited interchange players.
In a mixed league, there is a minimum of 3 players of either gender on the field at all times. Having people unavailable for a few matches is inevitable, so the perfect number of players for a team is 12, this ensures you will always have a full side.


Runners or football boots* and matching colour team shirts.  And if you don’t have matching team shirts, we’ll provide you with bibs to help differentiate between teams.

*Due to weather conditions and different pitch types, some venues may only allow runners. This will be confirmed with you prior to the competition.

Yes, all AFL Nines competitions are covered by insurance. If your team is registered and paid up then your players are covered. In the event of you needing to make a claim just let your competition manager know and they will guide you through the process.

This Public Insurance and Liability document details our general liability and certificate of capacity as applicable to Nines.

You can click here and it will take you straight to where you want to go.


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