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AFL Disability students are playing with hoop.

This option is a great choice for engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants when their hasn’t been a relationship with the local community and the Auskick centre therefore there may be a lack of trust.
The Indigenous Auskick lead-in program is ideal when ran for 2-4 weeks as a lead-in to your Auskick season. This provides a great ‘taster’ opportunity for Indigenous participants to trial Auskick and become comfortable within the space.
This program is best offered for free with a goal to transition participants into your Auskick season post completion for the lead-in program.
For maximum results this program should be delivered in conjunction/partnership/support with the local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community. Consultation with any Indigenous organisations is highly recommended.
Ensuring that there are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people actively engaged with the delivery of this program allows for the program to be more inviting and leverages off the already built trust and relationships within the Indigenous community. This will assist in generating trust between your Auskick centre and the community also.
With Aboriginal people involved in the delivery of the program the community can be confident that this environment will have cultural inclusion as a priority. If children have a great experience within the Indigenous Auskick lead-in program it will make them more likely to transition and continue in with the mainstream Auskick program.
You may like to look at having a coach/co-coach/assistant coach as an Indigenous community member, you can also explore the option of extra support from your regional AFL office.

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