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The AFL supports the growth and participation of Australian Football internationally with affiliate representative bodies located across the world, who strive to promote the sport and develop the game within their regions.

The passion for Australian Football grows far and wide in community footy clubs around the globe. Clubs and leagues overseas are driven by passionate individuals who share unique stories in finding the sport.

Each of the AFL’s international affiliates, such as AFL Asia, AFL Europe and AFL Canada, are dedicated to increasing participation and game development in their local areas, and host major events which will often see players and teams travel hours to play one another in a host city across a given weekend. Playing venues aren’t always oval for 18-a-side competitions, so some leagues will find smaller, rectangular fields and run 9-a-side competitions.



The AFL International Cup is hosted in Australia every three years and invites Australian Football national teams from across the world to compete in men’s and women’s tournaments. Travelling teams consist of amateurs who must be nationals of the country they represent. Games are played across multiple rounds before teams advance to finals to determine the champion national side and final ladder positions.

The inaugural competition was held in 2002, and has since  grown to see up to 18 men’s teams and eight women’s teams competing from more than 20 different countries when it was last held in 2017. The competition was called off in 2020 due to the pandemic, with plans underway targeting a return in 2024 on the Sunshine Coast.



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