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AFL Set up your centre in PlayHQ .

What is PlayHQ?

PlayHQ is NAB AFL Auskick's registration and administrative platform.

Before you can start promoting your Auskick centre, see below steps on what you need to do to activate your centre on PlayHQ. We've also placed some handy hints and tips for you to watch below so you feel confident on the PlayHQ platform. For further assistance or questions please contact your AFL Regional Manager or the Auskick customer service team.

How to set up your centre

These steps will help you to set up your Centre for the year, your regional manager may have already done some or all of these steps, however please check each one. You can also find more info at How to use PlayHQ.

Step 1: Contact your Regional Manager to provide you Admin Access to PlayHQ

Your regional manager is required to complete this step for you

Step 2: Update/Add details in the Overview: Details section

This area lets families know where your Auskick Centre is located

Step 3: Update/Add details in the Overview: Contacts section

This area let’s families know who you are as the Auskick Coordinator

Step 4: Set up online payments

This section is required for any player fees (which are subject to State/Territory regional AFL Manager approval) to be paid to your Centre bank account.

Step 5: Update registration dates

These are the key dates for things like when people can register.

Step 6: Update your season settings

This helps customers know roughly when your season starts and finishes.

Step 7: Update age restrictions

Update your age restrictions if applicable.

Step 8: Registration fees

This section is where you enter any player fees (which are subject to State/Territory regional AFL Manager approval).

Step 9: Pricing Information

This is key information on the total price (AFL fee plus a player fee, if any) as well as a place you can additional information about your Centre and the entitlements.

Step 10: Additional information

Much like the Pricing Information, this section is one of the first pages families see, we encourage you to put key information like day of week, time and your details as the Coordinator in this section.

Step 11: Set your registration form to visible

This is where you can official go live and make your form visible to families on



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