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Time to develop NAB AFL Auskickers' evasion skills by chasing and tagging one another. 

AFL Time to develop NAB AFL Auskickers evasion skills by chasing and tagging one another. 
AFL Gear Cone x12 cones
AFL X Football x1 football for the group


Use the cones to create two lines across the middle of the activity square.

Nominate two players to be taggers and place them on the line. The other players all start on one edge of the square, facing the taggers.

In AFL training session creating two lines two players are tagger and others are playing in square area and facing the tagger.


When you say "Go", players try to run to the other end zone.

The taggers can only move along their lines laterally, not backwards and forwards. If they tag a player, that players joins them on the line and becomes a tagger.

Taggers can't overtake each other along their line- their position is fixed like the figures on a foosball table.

 AFL Auskicker Footy as Step 1 in Foosball program


Runners must keep moving forwards, and cannot go backwards once they commence their run.

once everyone is tagged, choose new taggers and start again.

 AFL Auskicker enjoying Footy as Step 2 in Foosball program


Give the "attackers" a ball to carry while moving from one end to the other. Then add bounces when they reach the end zone.

AFL Auskick Attacker carry ball from one end to another then bounces when reached the end zone


Start half the players at the opposite end zone to have the game flowing both ways.

AFL auskickers running towards the other end
AFL Auskicker can kick and bounce by using their footy.

Encourage kids to dodge and change direction.

AFL Auskicker kick and bounce skill task

Encourage kids to be aware of their surroundings and not run into each other.

AFL Auskicker kick and bounce skill task

Get the taggers on their lines to work as a team.