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Master the skill for bouncing the ball while running.

AFL Stack of Cones A stack of coloured cones
AFL Football Gear x1 footaball per Auskicker
AFL X1 Adult Handball x1 adult per group


Players spread out in the playing area holding their footaball.

AFL Cones are placed in four square area. Auskicker can play football within the area.


Start with Auskickers kneeling on the grass with their footy in their laps (backside resting on their heels).

Everone tries bouncing the ball on the grass in front of them.Straighten up still kneeling and bounce the footy.Try it only kneeling on one knee.

Now crouch and bounce!

When everyone has the idea of what bouncing is, everyone walk around having a bounce. from walking go to a jog and a run all while bouncing the footy!

AFL Youth Auskicker bounces the Footy in the Let's Play session


If the Auskickers are pretty confident about this way of bouncing, try a cone-bouncing game:

  • Put some different coloured cones down.
  • As the Auskickers wander around the area bouncing their balls, now and then say, "cone!" and every Auskicker has to find a cone.
  • Next, pick a colour and if an Auskicker is near a cone of that colour, they bounce their ball three times.
AFL Auskickers wander around the area bouncing their balls and finding cones
AFL Auskicker single ball for playing task

Before starting, have a quick talk about the best way to bounce the oval shaped football.Download the Handy Hints below for pointers such as, when bouncing, have the hand Auskicker use stay lightly on the top of the football.

AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

How to Bounce