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There are over 150 junior leagues across Australia that provides opportunities for children and their families to participate every year. A fun, safe and positive experience is vital.

We recognise that it is largely an army of volunteers that run these leagues for the love of the game and the enjoyment that it provides their kids.

It is therefore vital that providers of junior football are familiar with, and adopt, the "this is our game" philosophy to ensure participating boys and girls have a fun, safe and positive football experience that is suitable to their needs

We don't want to put kids in adult environments too early and that includes large grounds, congested play, unnecessary physicality and an over-emphasis on winning when skill development is more important.

The Australian Football Match Policy aims to:

  1. Provide clear direction to leagues and clubs for the provision of appropriate pathways for all boys and girls in safe and enjoyable environments.
  2. Ensure that junior football is delivered in a uniform manner (consistent rules & regulations) across all States and Territories.
  3. Maximise the recruitment and retention of players and umpires through programs and match rules appropriate to each age level (meets the needs of children - they are not little adults).

DOWNLOAD: Australian Football Match Policy