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Indigenous Pop up Auskick is a very broad offering that can be tailored to suit the desired outcome. Indigenous pop up Auskick is developed with promotion of Auskick in mind to encourage the participation within additional Auskick programs.
Running an Indigenous pop up Auskick session is a great choice for Indigenous events or areas with high populations of Indigenous Children to participate and generate interest in joining a local Auskick Centre.
You may like to attend an event such as Reconciliation week, NAIDOC Week or significant days within community organisations and host Ad-hoc Auskick games or experiences. Doing this within already established events or spaces means you do not need to find participants as they will already be in attendance, you must only engage them.
If children have a great experience within the Auskick pop-up it will make them more likely to feel comfortable accessing further Auskick programs.
It is important to involve local clubs where possible to begin to familiarize the children with the faces/uniforms to ensure that the transition to local football is increasingly seamless.
You may also like to organise through the council or centre managements to set up pop-up Auskick activations in shopping centres during school holidays or in malls/ busy areas that attract children.
Other opportunities are within Family days at sporting clubs or even pop up Auskick at attractions (Pool, zoo, playgrounds, beaches, skateparks).
Due to the nature of this program it is imperative that you have accessible information on hand as to how and where to join a local Auskick program and hand this information out to anyone who interacts with the pop-up.

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