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This option is a great choice for communities with high Indigenous population or even community organisations that have strong ties with local Indigenous children who feel as though there is an opportunity to engage as a group.
This option supports the self-determination and independence of the Indigenous community as the community will have direct access in discussions around who will run the program and where the program will run.
To develop an Indigenous Auskick Centre or Program it is important that there is enough local Indigenous young people to warrant this development and delivery of this program.
An Indigenous Auskick centre is run much like a mainstream Auskick centre however it comes with the added assurance of prioritising cultural inclusion, liaising with Indigenous community and delivery by Indigenous people (Where possible). An Indigenous Auskick Centre may be targeted heavily towards Indigenous children however you may or may not be exclusive if other children want to participate within this group.
When developing an Indigenous Auskick Centre it is a great opportunity to align or build a relationship with a local football club that may already have a relationship with the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community.
Alternatively an Indigenous Auskick Program can be delivered through a mainstream Auskick centre however on a different day/time to the mainstream Auskick program. This again encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to feel welcome in a space that is prioritising cultural inclusion.
Ensuring that there are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people actively engaged with the delivery of this program allows for the program to be more inviting and leverages off the already built trust and relationships within the Indigenous community. This will assist in generating trust between your Auskick centre and the community also.

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