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AFL Indigenous Auskick Playing with their football.

This option is a great choice for areas where the school has a high percentage of Indigenous enrollment. This option is a great choice especially is a regional or remote setting where transport to an additional location becomes a barrier to participation.
The Indigenous Auskick after school program leverages off the premise that the children are already on site at their school. Offering this program as an after-school program removes the need for children to ‘show up or attend’ as they are already at the required Auskick location.
It is important to contact the desired school to discuss the option of hosting an after school Auskick program at their facility as early as possible to ensure ample time for planning, there will also need to be details planned such as access to school facilities and requesting teacher support within the program. This is a great way to build relationships with schools to further develop and deliver programs.
Organising the season dates to align with term dates and Auskick start time to coincide with the end of the school day will encourage easy participation and not require parents or guardians to transport participants or attend extra commitments. The children have the familiarity of knowing the school while the parents have trust of knowing the children are in a space they already know and are comfortable with also.
When running an after school Auskick program it is imperative that the local clubs or Auskick centres are visible in the running of the program so as to familiarize and build trust with the community. This will enable the participants to recognize faces/uniforms of local Auskick centres or junior clubs to make transition to local football increasingly seamless.
Through this program being delivered as an after school program you may reach children who have not had touch points with AFL therefore it is important to make the offering appealing with incentives for the children to want to ‘hang around’ after school hours.

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