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AFL Auskick Participation Disability.

Increasing Indigenous Participation in Auskick

There are a lot of things that we can be doing within our local clubs and Auskick centre’s to ensure that we are making Auskick accessible and creating opportunities for participation.
Tailoring programs or developing bespoke opportunities that are suited to a specific demographic is a great way to increase participation within your Auskick program. Throughout this document you will find a range of opportunities that you are able to adapt to suit the needs of the communities you are hoping to engage.

Is your club culturally inclusive?

Before you begin with implementing new programs or initiatives to increase Indigenous
participation it is important that you assess how culturally inclusive your club is.

  • Do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel comfortable, connected and valued at your club?
  • Is your club welcoming to the Indigenous community?
  • Most importantly, does your club have a zero tolerance policy to racial discrimination.

Please read ‘Making your club more culturally inclusive for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’ to ensure that you are taking appropriate steps to be culturally inclusive.

Building relationships

It is important that your club or Auskick centre builds relationships with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to discuss your desire to increase participation and to begin building a trusting relationship.


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