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Aside from fun, footy and friends, NAB AFL Auskick offers big value for little kids - like the chance to play half-time at the big stadiums!


All Auskickers who register with a community NAB AFL Auskick centre get an awesome pack filled with cool footy goodies not available anywhere else!


Footy, pump, footy cards, plush footy and a drawstring bag from your chosen AFL club. Plus, one of the following options...


A special T-shirt from your chosen AFL club.


A cool Auskick backpack for all your gear.


Awesome socks in your size, plus a special bag for your shoes.


All Community Auskickers get an Auskick Junior Club Membership for the AFL club of their choice - including access to attend AFL matches!

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Auskickers get the chance to play half-time at the AFL and AFLW elite matches! At the big stadiums! On the same ground as their footy heroes! For many kids and their families, it’s a once-in-a-life time experience, and it’s exclusive to Auskick.

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All packs include a NAB AFL Auskick footy, pump, footy cards, plush footy and a drawstring bag from your chosen AFL club. You then get to choose to add on either a T-shirt from your chosen AFL club, a backpack, or socks and a boot bag. They’ll start to be sent out to fully paid up Auskickers in the new year. We’ll send you a confirmation email with the estimated delivery date so you know when to expect yours to arrive.

Signing up to Community Auskick includes a Junior Club Membership to your AFL club of choice. School Auskick in NSW, ACT and QLD also include this benefit, aligned to a particular AFL Club. These need to be opted in to at the point of registration and your AFL club will communicate with you about each round, and let you know if you’re entitled to attend a match that week. They’ll also be able to help you out with specific questions about your membership entitlements, match day access and redeeming tickets.

Auskickers are selected from the state/territory where the games are being held. The venue managers of the stadiums hosting the games will get in touch with your centre coordinator to give them all the details you’ll need about tickets, times and more. At a minimum, all Auskickers selected plus one parent or guardian get a free ticket to the game. It’s important to remember though that due to the large number of registered Auskickers, not everyone will get to play half-time every season. We recommend checking in with your centre coordinator or Regional AFL staff member for more information.

All of these benefits are included with the price of signing up to Auskick, and there's no need to buy any extra equipment or gear. The cost varies between different locations and centres, starting from $75. Some States / Territories offer Government vouchers to help reduce the cost of kids' sport, inclusive of Auskick. Eligible individuals can use their voucher when registering for Auskick - just be sure to have the details handy before you hit 'submit', as we can't enter vouchers or offer refunds after registration has been completed. Government vouchers are subject to the individual centre depending on eligibility criteria set by the relevant state government. To find out more, please search for Sport Voucher Information on your State and Territory Government website.

Unfortunately, we can’t change the club of support once the registration has been completed. We hope your child will still love the goodies in their Auskick pack!

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