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AFL Social Media Tips Club help.

Social Media Tips

When using social media, it is important we align with the NAB AFL Auskick brand, to grow registrations, by using the platforms in the right way with the correct designations. Find out social media tips to grow and connect with your audience below!

Designations and tags

Always refer to NAB AFL Auskick with the full title in the first instance, from then on, you can just state ‘Auskick.’ This also applies for hashtags, for example: NAB AFL Auskick is the best way for kids to learn and make friends. Sign up for Auskick today! #NABAFLAuskick #Auskick

Always tag @AFLAuskick when promoting the program across Facebook, and Instagram. This ensures users can see more from Auskick and we can reshare your great pictures!

Central accounts

NAB AFL Auskick Facebook
NAB AFL Auskick Instagram

Official hashtags

#NABAFLAuskick #Auskick #ThisIsAuskick #ThisIsUs #JointheFun

Social Media Tiles

Find social media templates here to use to promote Auskick through your challenges.

Tips and tricks

  • Be active on your pages and post regularly
  • Location tag where possible – this will help share your message to more people who are searching in the area
  • Make sure your page is public
  • Use photos and videos that represent your centre
  • Ensure your messages are timely (i.e., Posting messages about registrations with enough time for parents to register)
  • Always tag the central NAB AFL Auskick accounts (above) for the potential to have your content reshared and centre highlighted
  • Feature all the faces of Auskick – from the kids to the volunteers, parents, and so on
  • Keep your content simple and include your text in the caption. Social tiles with too much text do not perform as well. Aim for less than 20% of your graphic to be text.
  • Encourage others to tag your centre so you can reshare their posts.
  • Please use the official social media tiles provided on the coordinator hub. If you have taken your own imagery of children, please make sure you have gained the parent/guardians permission before posting. If you have created your own graphics to share on social media, you must gain approval from the AFL before posting. You can do so at BrandHQ.
  • Join the closed NAB AFL Auskick Coordinators Facebook group. You can connect with other coordinators to share great ideas, learn, and network with them. This is a moderated group, and a great place to troubleshoot questions with others from around the country.

Join our Private Auskick Coordinators Facebook Group

Things to avoid

  • Avoid posting marketing tiles, instead focus on authentic content (i.e., Photographs, videos, and small clips). Marketing tiles may be easy because you are able to pack information in, however your post will perform better when you post a beautiful photo / video with the information in the accompanying copy for the post.
  • Avoid putting links in the captions on Instagram as this is not clickable – always point to your Instagram bio and include the link there (do not forget to update when you need). Links are perfectly fine for Facebook and Twitter.

Social Examples

Other Content

For fun, entertaining, or footy skill-based content, we encourage you to share videos from the Aussie Rules YouTube channel.


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