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AFL NAB Auskick Promotional Packs articles.


In 2021 the NAB AFL Auskick Promotional Packs will continue to enable NAB staff to add greater value to existing NAB AFL Auskick activities.

The NAB AFL Auskick Promotional Packs have been designed to provide NAB staff with the necessary tools to run fundraising BBQs and medal presentations at your NAB AFL Auskick centre.

Packs available

There are 2 types of packs to choose from


How it works

  1. NAB team contacts local NAB AFL Auskick centre to discuss upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.
  2. The centre meets local banker to discuss upcoming events and opportunities for them to get involved in existing activity.
  3. Banker submits an order request for the packs directly via internal online NAB system.
  4. Banker confirms if the request is approved and if so awaits the delivery of the packs (approximately 10 working days).
  5. Activity takes place at the local centre with support from the NAB team.

Tips to Consider

  • Packs will be available for NAB staff to order from early-March 2021.
  • Only NAB staff are eligible to order packs via an internal system. Note: packs are limited and subject to availability.
  • Inviting NAB staff to your activity provides them with a great opportunity to connect with the parents at your centre and discuss benefits of the NAB AFL Auskick initiative.
  • Continue to work with your local NAB representative beyond the activity to continue to grow the relationship year on year.


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