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Reader note: while these stories have been developed to support all young people’s participation in footy, we recommend that you speak with your child about the concepts and examples in a way that is relevant to your child.

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There are many fun activities at each NAB AFL Auskick session, like practising kicking and marking the ball.


Sometimes, we might do different activities because of the weather or the equipment we have. We might practise undercover instead of on the oval.


Sometimes, my coach or some of my friends might not be at Auskick if they feel sick or are on holidays.

This might make me feel worried. It is okay to feel worried if things change.


There are things I can do when things change unexpectedly.

I can meet the new coach if my coach is away. I can join other players if my usual friends are away.


If there is a new activity to learn, I can ask the coach or a helper for help if I am not sure how to do it.

If the activities for the day change, I can ask the coach to tell me about the new plan so that I know what we will be doing.


If none of these things help me feel better about the change, I can tell my family. Even when things change unexpectedly, I can still enjoy Auskick and have fun!

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