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As a coordinator, you play an important role in making sure all young people are included at NAB AFL Auskick.

This involves thinking about what might prevent a young person from being able to fully participate and enjoy their Auskick sessions – from the general atmosphere at the centre to the facilities and equipment.

A supportive atmosphere can go a long way. Coordinators can set the tone and encourage everyone else to be friendly, welcoming and accepting, so that everyone feels like part of the community.

The environment should allow everyone to safely access the centre. To make sure this happens, get to know everyone and their individual needs. Facilities need to be accessible to a player who uses a mobility aid, like a wheelchair or walker. Flat entrances and clear pathways can help. Background noise needs to be monitored to reduce barriers for players with hearing loss, or other communication or sensory needs. Fences around open areas can also help keep players safe.

In each activity, there needs to be equipment options that suit players of all abilities. This includes footballs in different sizes, and other types of balls, like round foam balls, if players prefer to use those.

These are just some of the ways that coordinators can support an inclusive environment at their Auskick centre and help young people, families and the footy community have a positive experience.

What is an inclusive centre?

NAB AFL Auskick centres are inclusive to everyone. Coordinators play an important part in creating an inclusive environment at their centre. They make sure everyone feels welcome and involved, and that the environment and equipment is suitable and safe for players of all abilities. Coordinators could also direct the coaches to resources to support their disability awareness.

The video above has more information about how coordinators can support an inclusive environment at their Auskick centre.


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