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AFL Kids are playing and kicking the football with their footy.

Types of centres

There are three types of Access All Abilities Auskick centres - Disability Specific, Side by Side, and Integrated. Here’s what that means for Auskick coordinators:

Disability Specific

These are stand-alone centres set up specifically for young people with disability. They are generally set up at a Specialist School or Early Intervention Centre. While we always aim to have young people of all abilities playing footy together, there may be times when a young person with disability and their family prefer a disability specific centre. These centres can provide a greater level of support, which may create the best Auskick experience for the young person.

Side by Side

Side by Side centres allow a group specifically for young people with disability to operate alongside the group within an existing Auskick centre. The group of young people with disability are given a bit more space and support, and provided with the flexibility to move between their group and the existing group as they like.


An integrated Auskick centre has all young people, both with and without disability, playing footy together. It’s important that coordinators and coaches review registrations to see who identifies as living with disability, and adapt your session to support the needs of each player.

AllPlay Footy is a joint initiative by Monash University and the AFL. AllPlay Footy was founded at Deakin University in 2015 and has been part of Monash Education since 2021. The AllPlay Footy content and resources presented here have been developed with people with lived experience of disability, consultants from National Sporting Organisations for People with Disability, psychologists and researchers, and are brought to you with funding from a Department of Social Services Information, Linkages and Capacity Building: Social and Community Participation Stream (2020-2021) grant. We aim to use language that is respectful to everyone.


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