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This activity will teach NAB AFL Auskickers how to move the ball as a team!
AFL X Football x1 football
AFL X1 Cone Handball x8 cones
AFL Gear Bib HalfAuskickers Half the Auskickers need bibs


Use your cones to create two 'end zones' across the width of the playing area at either end.

Give half the players bibs so that you've got two teams. The team with the bibs are the defenders.The other team are the attackers.

Place an attacker at each end zone.

In AFL Use cones to create two end zones. Divide the team into two i.e. attackers and defenders.


Attackers start with the ball and score points by passing to each other. Defenders try to intercept the ball but cannot touch the attackers.

Points are scored for each successful pass. Different points are awarded for different types of passes-one point for a throw, three points for a handball.Any kind of pass into an end zone is worth a whopping six points!

Once a pass is made into an end zone, it is passed back out again and the game continues. However, the attackers must pass the ball at least twice before they can pass back into an end zone.

AFL Youth Auskicker kicking Footy at Six Point Player position in the Let's play program


If the ball is intercepted or deflected by a defender, three points are deducted and the ball is returned to the attackers.

Keep a running total for the attacking team for a set period of time- start with one minute. Then, swap attackers and defenders and have a few goes.

Make sure you rotate the attackers in the end zones regularly, so they're part of the action!

AFL Youth Auskicker kicking Footy at Six Point Player2 position in the Let's play program


Try adding a defender into the end zones.

AFL Auskicker's defender trying to defend the footy during six point player session


Change the size of the end zone to make it harder or easier to score.

AFL Auskickes are placing their cone in lines in Six point activity.


Try using different type of balls.

AFL auskickers try using different type of ball during six point player activity session
AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

How to Handball