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NAB AFL Auskickers, it's time to dodge those sharks!

AFL Auskickers set of football

A Pile of footballs for the group

AFL Gear Cone x4 cones
AFL Stack of Bibs x2 bibs or vests
AFL Gear Hoop x2 hoops per group
AFL Gear Adult x1-2 adults per group

(1 adult: group, optional additional adult for tag zone)


Put two hoops inside the playing area. Beside the playing area, mark out the smaller "tag zone" with four cones. Give two Auskickers bibs and the others one footy each 

In AFL training session put 2 hoops in the playing area and give 2 Auskicker bibs and others one footy.


Auskickers in bibs are the "sharks" and are "it". They tag the others.

Auskickers who make it inside the hoops (" on the islands ")  are Safe.

They can't be tagged by the sharks. But they're only allowed on the island for 3 seconds before they have to leave!

 AFL Junior Auskicker kicking Footy as Step 1 in Sharks and Island program


When an Auskicker is tagged, they run to the tag zone (The four cones) and complete a footy skill (for example, handball to themselves or complete five bounces).

Once they complete the footy skill, they can go back to the game.

It's Awesome if an adult can help Auskickers at the tag zone with the skills work.

 AFL Junior Auskicker kicking Footy as Step 2 in Sharks and Island program


Adjust the number of sharks or hoops so that it works best for your group.

Also, swap the sharks every now and then so everyone gets a go at tagginng the others.


 AFL Junior Auskicker kicking Footy as Step 3 in Sharks and Island program


Remove a hoop so there's only one island, or slowly increase the number of sharks by giving out bibs to more Auskickers.

In this AFL sharks and island activity sharks attack player with the ball


Add new rule to the game. For example, Auskickers hop or skip about, or when someone comes out of the Tag Zone they have to swap with a Shark and become "it".

AFL Auskicker hoping and skiping over hoops in sharks and Islands activity
AFL Auskicker handball skill task.

Make sure the kids don't tag too hard when grabbing the bibs, or tackle anyone either.

AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

How to Handball

How to Bounce