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Mini Matches Level 3

Let's play footy! Mini Matches provide a taste of match play that's safe and fun!
AFL X Football x4 footballs
AFL Stack of Cones A stack of cones
AFL Stack of Bibs A stack of bibs


Add the cones to extend the length of the Activity Squares by 25 meters to make them rectangular.

Place two goal post at either end of each Activity Square. The goals in the middle of the grid is shared by two Activity Squares.

Divide the players in each Activity Squares into two teams and give one team bibs. This will create game which are roughly 6 vs 6.

There are no zones or positions.

Watch the video called " How to run a session ", which explains Mini Matches Further.

AFL Place the cones in each activity square area. Divide the players in each Activity Squares into two teams.


Pick a player from each team to be the ' rucks ' for the 'ball-up'. Throw the ball in the air and the rucks will try to tap to to the team. Then away you go with your game.

AFL Youth Auskicker kicking Footy at Mini Match Level 3 in the Let's play program


  •  No diving on the ball, bumping , tackling or smothering kicks.
  • Award a mark irrespective of kick distance, even if ball is not marked properly.
  • Encourage players to spread out but also to be actively involved.
  • Be vocal and advise players what to do.
  • After every goal, restart with the ball-up, the the different pair of Auskickers in the ruck.
  • Encourage the palyer to pass or bounce the ball every 10 steps (or every seconds ).
AFL Youth Auskick Footy playing Mini Matches at level 3 in the remember program


Try using the round ball.

AFL Auskicker ready to kick the ball during mini matches 3


Use different method of passing such as handballing only

AFL auskicker practicing methods of passing with adults


Play with uneven numbers such as 7 vs 5 to assist with ball moments.

AFL auskickers playing to assist with ball moments
AFL Auskicker handball skill task.

Make sure every kid gets plenty of touches.

AFL Auskick Chestmark bib for kicking and bouncing the ball.

Have some parents act as goal umpires to retrieve the ball.  

AFL Auskickers ground ball for playing.

Encourage sharing the ball, passing to team mates and team play