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Chest mark, overhead mark and speccy! Now it's time to get NAB AFL Auskickers to take a mark!

AFL Football Gear

x1 football or round ball

AFL X1 Adult Handball x1 adult

(1 adult : 1 Auskickers ratio)


The coach call out different "magic tricks" for the Auskickers to follow. for Example

  • Figure Eight - Move the ball in between around the outside of each leg, like number 8.
  • Wrap the ball around your body - move it around you in a circle shape.
  • Throw the ball up - clap before catching it or catch it behind your back.
  • Pass the ball - side-to-side with a partner or through the legs.
  • Hoping or Robot walks! 
AFL Auskickers are aiming the ball into the point and using their footy.


The Auskicker and an adult line up opposite each other about one metre apart.

AFL The Auskicker and adult line up opposite and play with the football.


Try timing the activity and see how many speccy's and auskicker can take in 30 seconds!

AFL coach training the auskicker about the mad marks


Call out different kind of marks each time so it's different for them each time.

AFL Auskickers are playing and running with their footy.
AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Before each activity run, through how to best catch the ball with the Auskickers. Download the Handy Hinds below for more technique tips!

AFL Auskicker Handling ball with both the hand skill task.

Simple tips also include:

Keep your palms up; Keep your elbow close in to your body; hug the ball with your arms when it comes to you.

AFL Auskicker ball for kicking, bouncing and hooping.

Keep encouraging Auskickers and soon everyone will be taking mad marks!

AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

How to Take a Chest Mark

How to Overhead Mark