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Kick the Stick

Help NAB AFL Auskickers master their kicking skills and focus on hitting their targets.

AFL Gear Ball Stack

x1 football or round ball per Auskicker

AFL X1 Cone Handball

x1 cone per Auskicker

AFL Gear Goal Post

A single goal post

AFL X1 Adult Handball

x1 adult per group


Use the cones to make a circle, with the goal post target in the middle.

Auskickers are to have one ball and a stand next to a cone

In AFL training session using cone to make circle and the Auskickers can stand with ball next to the cone.

Step 1

On "go" Auskickers kick their footy and aim for the stick! 

Anyone who hits the stick gets a point.

AFL Auskicker kick their footy and aiming for stick.


Slowly up the points the target is worth. Be careful- get up to thousand or a million points.

As Auskicker busily "kick the stick", provide some handy hints like:

  • Point the toes at the stick ( your target);
  • Hold the ball over the leg you're kicking with, and;
  • Keep your head over the ball.

Have Auskickers aim to kick over the target, or have an adult handball to the Auskicker befor they turn and kick at the stick

In AFL Auskickers aim to kick over the target and the adults give them ball before they run.


Try a run up befor the kick.

AFL Kick the stick activity session with auskicker kicking the ball


Expriment with different ball and encourage Auskickers to kick on their alternate foot

AFL Auskickers practicing around the playing area with different shaped balls
AFL Auskick Ball watching skills task.

Make sure everyone takes care as footballs will be flying everywhere.

AFL Auskick Chestmark bib for kicking and bouncing the ball.

Make sure everyone knows they can't collect the balls until you say so

AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips

How to Kick a Footy