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Master the art of handballing, movement and evasion skills!

AFL Auskickers are handballing and kicking the ball during the session
AFL Stack of Cones A stack of cones
AFL Stack of Bibs A stack of bibs
AFL X Football x1 football


Set up a large square in the middle of the playing area: this is the "jail".

Divide the players into two teams, with one team inside the inner square (the "jailbirds") and one team outside it wearing bibs (the "Guards").

Spread the Guards out evenly around the four sides of the jail.Each Guard can only patrol one side of the jail.

In AFL cones are set up in square area i.e. Jail. Divide two team one is inner Square(Jailbirds) and other is outside wearing bibs(Guards).


When you say "go", the Jailbirds move around, handballing to each other.

when the Jailbirds see a gap in the Guards, the player who has the ball attempts to "break out of jail" by running through the gap to the outside of the playing area, without being tagged by the Guards.

Once a Jailbird makes a break for it, all Guards can leave their designated side of the jail and chase the Jailbird.

 AFL Auskicker kicking Footy as Step 1 in Jail Break program


Once players have escaped through one side of the jail they can't break out of it again.

Keep going until there are no sides left to escape from.

Then, the teams swap.

 AFL Junior Auskicker enjoying by kicking and throwing Footy as Step 2 in Jail Break program


Try having a minimum number of handballs before a jail break.

Advanced auskicker in AFL hitting her handball


Don't limit the Guards to standing on a given side of the jail.

AFL Auskick gaurds  to standing on a given side of the jail.


Have two balls in action at once.

AFL Auskicker Having two balls in action at once during jail break activity session
AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download The Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

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