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A NAB AFL Auskick version of the classic game, scarecrow tiggy!
AFL X Football x2 football per Auskick group
AFL Stack of Bibs x2 bibs or vests
AFL Gear Adult x1 adult per group


Spread Auskickers out over the playing area.

Two Auskickers wear a bib: they're the "Taggers".

Two other Auskickers have a footy: they're the "Handball Magicians".

AFL Spread Auskickers out over the playing area. Two Auskickers are Tagger and other two the Handball Magicians.


Spread the Auskickers across the playing area.

The bibbed taggers chase anyone without a ball and tag them with their hand.

AFL Junior Auskicker plays footy as the step 1 in Frozen Feet program


When an Auskicker gets tagged, they freeze with hands in the air. They are to call out to a Handball Magician. Once the Handball Magician sees their hands in the air-as a signal for help- they must come to free them.

Auskickers become "unfrozen" when the Handball Magician handballs to the frozen player who must mark and then handball back to the Magician.

AFL Junior Auskicker plays footy as the step 2 in Frozen Feet program


Both can now keep playing

To keep everyone involved, change Taggers and Handball Magicians regularly.

AFL Junior Auskicker plays footy as the step 3 in Frozen Feet program


Change how feet get unfrozen. Rather than a handball, it might be with a kick, or by the magician crawling through legs.

AFL Auskicker thinking to Kick or try magician crawling through legs


Change the rules so that the frozen Auskicker becomes the Handball Magician once they're freed.


Change how the Auskickers move around. For example, rather than running they try hopping, junping or crawling!

AFL auskicker moving around with the ball


For even more challenges, get groups to bounce or touch the football on the ground every few steps or get them to handball with their other hand.

AFL Auskicker trying to bounce the ball with the help of coach
AFL Auskicker kick and bounce skill task

Encourage Auskickers to use their voice to call for help and that keeping their hands up also lets the Handball Magician know they need to be freed.

AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download the Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

How to Handball