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Intercept the ball; move it as a team!

AFL Intercept the ball move it as a team
AFL Gear Bib HalfAuskickers Bibs for half the Auskickers
AFL Stack of Cones A stack of cones
AFL X Football x1 football


Using the cones, divide the playing area into three equal zones.

Split the player into two equal teams and give one team bibs.

One player from each team stands on opposite edges of the playing area (these are the "scoring lines"). The remaining players from both teams spread out evenly across three zones.

In AFL training session, palyers stand opposite edges in the area which is dived in 3 equal zones, with bibs and cones with them


End Ball begins with one player holding the ball in the center zone.

Teams aim to pass the ball to each other and get it to their teammate on the scoring line. But, the ball must pass through each zone before reaching the scoring line, and players cannot run once they have the ball.

 AFL Auskicker kicking Footy as Step 1 in Danger zone program


Once the ball gets to the player on the scoring line, a point is scored and the ball is returned to the centre and given to the other team.

If a defender intercepts the ball, the defenders become the attackers and the game continues!

 AFL Junior Auskicker kicking Footy as Step 1 in Danger zone program


Try limiting the ways of passing- try throwing, handballing or kicking only.

AFL Auskicker trying to throwi


Allow players to move with the ball. You can even remove the zones so player can move and pass anywhere.

AFL players moving around the ball


Use different types of balls.

AFL auskickers using different shapped balls during danger zone training session
AFL Auskicker handling ball in one hand Skill task

Download The Handy Hints below for more technique tips!

How to Handball