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It's time to get the NAB AFL Auskickers hopping, weaving and bouncing!
AFL Gear Ball Stack A collection of footballs and round balls

(One for each Auskicker)

AFL Gear Bucket A collection of hoops, cones, vests, tubs and posts
AFL Gear Adult x4 adults for the group

(The more who can help, the better!)


You can choose how to set up your obstacle course!

Every Auskicker uses a bll of their choice: footballs, coloured balls, etc.

Set it out as an imaginative, cool course for maximum fun!

In AFL There should be at least one gate for every Auskick pair. They can choose footballs, coloured balls, etc.


Step through your courses so the Auskickers can see what to do.

Now it's their turn

AFL Youth Auskicker Kicking in the Let's Play session

An example of the course might be:

  • Four hoops to hop through on alternate legs;
  • Three cones to tap the ball around with using two hands;
  • Two hoops to bounce the ball;
  • Post to weave in and out of;
  • one hoop on stand to throw the ball through before collecting it, and;
  • A tub to throw the ball into. 
AFL junior auskicker playing and enjoying footy in an example of course


Try turning "Arount the World" into a team race and see who can get back to their start point first!

AFL auskickers jumping hopping throwing handballing with the adults


When team finishes, have them put their hands on their head.

AFL Auskicker running around the playing area with the ball


Change the way everyone moves their body around each section, e.g. instead of running they hop or skip or jump.

AFL auskickers kicking ball in the hoop with the help of adult


Change direction and "run around the world' in other way.

AFL Happy auskicker with the round ball
AFL Auskicker ball for kicking, bouncing and hooping.

To improve the flow of the game, have the auskickers start at the different corners of the obstacle course. Adults can be put at each station to help guide the auskickers through

AFL Auskicker kick and bounce skill task

" Around the world" is an awsome workout and teaches auskickers to use different motor skills in a quick series.

AFL Auskicker handball skill task.

Get creative and have fun channaling your "inner child" when laying out the obstacle course!