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Imaginations will run wild and legs will be moving in Footy Harvest!

AFL Gear Football Stack A stack of footballs
AFL Stack of Cones A stack of cones
AFL Gear Hoop x2 hoops per group
AFL Gear Adult x1-2 adult per group

(1 adult: group, optional additional adult for tag zone)


Split the playing area in half with some cones.

Scatter Coloured cones equally in the two zones.

Create two teams, and have them face each on opposite edge of the playing area.

Place a hoop at their feet and put a heap of footballs in it.

AFL Split the playing area in half with some cones. Auskickers can hoop at their feet.


An Auskicker from each side runs a footy into the other zone and 'plants' it next to one of the scattered cones.

When they return it's the next Auskicker's go.

The first team to plant all their footballs win!

AFL Junior Auskicker plays footy as the step 1 in Footy Harvest program


After a few rounds of "planting" the balls, the Auskickers now "harvest" by bringing them back to their side.

AFL Junior Auskicker plays footy as the step 2 in Footy Harvest program


Add a 'tag' rule- an adult is the tagger. If an Auskicker with a ball is tagged, they put the ball back and return to their team empty handed.

AFL Auskicker's running towards trainer during Footy Harvest session


Auskickers can handball the harvested footballs back to their group, or take a running bounce.

AFL Auskicker handball skill task.

Remember to have fun out there, and keep their imagination flowing by referring to the footballs as the 'Footy Harvest'.