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Infrastructure Plan-Toward 2030

AFL Instruction plan Towards 2030 Club help Articles.

Towards 2030

Australian football’s growth story is compelling and is being led by our thirteen-fold growth in female football participation over the past decade.

In season 2023, all 18 professional clubs have an AFLW team competing. This is one of our game’s greatest achievements that will provide significant and ongoing opportunities for the generations that follow.

Significant growth brings with it the challenge of providing the facilities we need, in the right locations to ensure all Australian’s can experience the game.

Towards 2030 provides our game, our stakeholders and partners this guidance and an aligned direction. It has been developed to provide certainty and security around our existing facility footprint and to identify the new and innovative opportunities we need to deliver to continue to grow and ensure Australian football is accessible to all.

The AFL, in conjunction with our State and Territory football and government partners, believe we have a responsibility to sustainably plan for Australia’s future.

Through this Plan, we have prioritised our critical facility needs and will align our investment to best address and support the delivery of community needs and to also meet government’s broader objectives.

Staged and shared investment is the key to success, and we know that when we invest, significant projects and outcomes are delivered.

Express your innovative ideas here:

Our growth shows we need access to one new field every week for the next five years to meet this demand.

As we look Towards 2030, the AFL is seeking Expressions of Interest from forward thinking school leaders or Education Departments, or other land owners with innovative ideas, who want to help their communities deliver better sporting facilities and create more opportunities for communities to be healthy and active.

To register your idea and seek AFL support, submit an EOI and our team will be in touch.